Homewalk photos

Almost all of my favorite service providers, social workers and general do-gooders were all in the same place Saturday for the United way HomeWalk. It was great. Here are more of my photos of the day.

They interviewed me… I’m flattered

@HomeForGoodLA: @sonyakeith 4rm #HomeWalk team Mxxxxx Gxxx tells us y she is joining us at this yr’s 5K walk/run 2 end #homelessness! http://t.co/JTdZsfKk  Original Tweet: http://twitter.com/HomeForGoodLA/status/126343537259331584  Sent via TweetDeck (www.tweetdeck.com)

My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk

I woke up at 5 am, today is one of my favorite days each year. I get to see former co-workers, employers, and most importantly have face time with service providers that address Homelessness because, like me, they believe it can be a temporary problem. I did not want to over sleep or miss it.Continue reading “My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk”

HomeWalk feedback for @UWGLA

hi! I hate surveys so can I just tell you – GREAT job on the parking and Parking Permit idea!Ssoo much better than years past. Advertize more and earlier…  I did not hear bout the HomeWalk on the radio until last weekend. I should have heard about this MONTHS ago. Use your social media- follow theContinue reading “HomeWalk feedback for @UWGLA”

Homewalk pizza sale

At Mxxxxx in Burbank. Who knew? Pizza is like a drug here;  there was a line at 11:30 am of IHSS County workers waiting for the pizza. I spent about $63 on pizza and soda, but the soda I can keep re-using for the next few weeks.  I used the Domino’s 2 Medium pizza deal coupons, –Continue reading “Homewalk pizza sale”

as promised, I sing for $

to @unitedwayLA ‘s @HomeWalk w/ @mwomack! My face isn’t in this one! click the link above the picture so watch the song/video I made at lunch.  I do love my office supplies! http://www.twitvid.com/Y5VQP&nbsp; <- video clickbelow to join or donate!

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