Evacuation is such a priveledge…

Every time there’s a natural disaster I hear people questioned why the residence didn’t leave. If people knew a storm was coming in, why didn’t they go somewhere else? The answer is simple. Evacuation is a privilege. It is a privilege afforded to those who can pay the cost of airfare or gasoline or own […]

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A whole bunch of tears

There is a purposeful lack of tissues in my office – a reminder of absence that I should not make people cry. However, today I started a flood. A lady going through divorce is afraid to tell supportive agencies that she is homeless and needs help. She wants to hide homelessness from her child’s father. […]

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Sleeping Out for One Night

I see you on the news coverage of the @roseparade, bundled into sleeping bags and laughing, and complaining about the bitter cold. I hear you laughing and drinking and wondering how you can stand the line for the portable potty. It is fun, it is a lark It is just for the night. For you. […]

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Teacher Appriciation and Education

Education is the first line of defense against poverty. A great education is priceless. Caring and wonderful teachers are wonders beyond measure. If you know one of these people, thank them profusely. Because: It is more common to find a high school drop out in the Welfare office or sleeping on the bus bench than […]

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@4square Says I am Near WHERE?

Who is the Mayor of Dumpster Behind the Library? What tips and nearby tweets are coming from Tent Under Freeway? Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) would like you to know. And if you log on to Foursauare.com near Duke University in North Carolina – you are likely to find out. Why? If a Foursquare user […]

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