Ummmm, not on the list

#2020LACountyHIConference , I registered but I’m “not on the list” so I’ve been told to wait in the lobby while everyone has breakfast. I am hoping that the poor planning of this LA County conference isn’t indicative of why we have a homeless crisis.

Too Poor to Work

A few years ago I was in a crunch. I earned $18 an hour and was raising a 4 year old child. I wrote about how hard finding child care made it for me to work here in 2015. Here is how my budget broke down… Income: $2,880 But… I didn’t see my full check.Continue reading “Too Poor to Work”

Homelessness is Bad. The Homeless are Just People.

I have been taking part of a Facebook group run by channel 7 ABC. They are discussing homelessness and solutions and issues. But mostly it’s just a place for people to fight about homelessness. Some people think that all homeless people are criminals, they are illegal aliens or choosing homelessness. They accuse these street residentsContinue reading “Homelessness is Bad. The Homeless are Just People.”

Housing Options

When you have absolutely no money, you also have almost no housing options. But, say you do have some money oh, enough to rent a room from someone. How can you find a room that you can afford? How do you find someone who will rent to you given your background story? If you haveContinue reading “Housing Options”


Can you imagine being a female and homeless? Darla is going to find out tonight, even though I have a cold. I want her to know why it is important to care for our neighbours. I want her to feel the cold and the fear and desperation so she understands that it is real andContinue reading “#Shedoes”

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