March 27th – Updates to services re COVID-19

Hello, Things are changing fast in the world and we are doing our best to keep up. Please let me know if there are any Homeless Related services or questions you want to be researched and answered. HANG IN THERE! Here are updates for you, March 27th. 211 Always a good first call, and theirContinue reading “March 27th – Updates to services re COVID-19”

COVID 19 and the Homeless Population

What is COVID-19 COVID–19 is a Novel Coronavirus ( a new coronavirus). • CO: Corona • VI: Virus • D: Disease • 19: The year it emerged There are many types of human coronaviruses including some that commonly cause mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses. COVID-19 is a new disease, caused by a novel (or new) coronavirusContinue reading “COVID 19 and the Homeless Population”

Soap, a barrier between homelessness and health in the days of the Corona

“Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.” This is a basic precaution that I remember teaching the Brownie Girl Scout Troup I led. Now, with the Corona Virus landing in flu season, the news is filled with reminders to wash hands. I get emails instructing me to wash hands before touching thingsContinue reading “Soap, a barrier between homelessness and health in the days of the Corona”

and not a pot to pee in

It happened to me this weekend. I was driving down the street when my stomach suddenly cramped. I looked down and saw the 32 ounces of Diet Coke were gone from my McDonalds’s cup and knew, just knew that I was about to have a bathroom emergency. I needed the loo, and badly. I shiftedContinue reading “and not a pot to pee in”

Register to Vote (even of you are homeless)

Not everybody in California has an address. Everybody in California is impacted by the laws here, so everybody should vote. You do not have to have an address to vote. You do need to be able to describe where it is that you stay. If you are registering via a paper form, use the mapContinue reading “Register to Vote (even of you are homeless)”

A Home for Someone Homeless

I’m at Roger Jessup Park to look at the Community Garden when I spot it. I’m not really sure what this mailbox is receiving mail for, but because it’s right next to the porta potties and where this person’s card is, it looks like this is their home. It is almost domestic. It looks likeContinue reading “A Home for Someone Homeless”

Birth of a Homeless Episode

Tonight a house burned. A Dad, and two elementary aged children lost their home and clothes, and memories of his mom. His car was also dismantled by the LAFD. If he doesn’t have Fire insurance, if he can’t afford UBER or transportation, if he can’t afford clothing… If he doesn’t have family or friends toContinue reading “Birth of a Homeless Episode”

Dear Robert Marbut

Homeless sucks. It is dirty, gross, disease festering and ugly. Nobody likes it. Do you understand that? The homeless and the housed in California want this misery to end. And, by the way, we are trying… But here is the thing, it is important that folks stay alive while we work to fix it. PeopleContinue reading “Dear Robert Marbut”

Drive By Social Work

I got a call yesterday from a hospital about a man living at a nearby gas station. He is holding the free application for a new Driver’s liscence. With a current ID he can access and cash almost a year of Social Security payments. I invited him to come back to my office and enrollContinue reading “Drive By Social Work”

Homeless Person’s Memorial Day

Homeless persons memorial day is the first day of winter. Over a thousand people died homeless on the streets of Los Angeles each year. As we watch her Facebook feed and see the famous actors and singers were passing, and we mourn their loss, please take a moment to memorialize the people we saw butContinue reading “Homeless Person’s Memorial Day”

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