Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers

“How could these parents bring their kids to live on the street ?” vs “Why did you stay when he hit you?” As I have been saying for years, many of my clients have become homeless because they needed to escape an abusive relationship. They left. They escaped. They took their kids with them. During […]

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Homeless Advocates Divided Over Bill Aimed At Helping Kids

Families with children make up a large part of the homeless population. I can promise this is all I see 40 hours a week. Yes, Couch Surfing is homelessness. Hotel hoping and the 28 day Shuffle is homeless. It is temporary and there is no guarantee people can be stable and stay there long term. […]

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USC Bike Application Criteria

@USC Bike Give Away Click the link at the end of the article for the paper applicatopm/ The University of Southern California Public Safety and the South Los Angeles Homeless TAY & Foster Care Collaborative have partnered to give back to their surrounding community in the South Los Angeles region. Highly renowned academic and public […]

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Homeless Veteran Services

Homeless Veteran in need of help? Call 1-877-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838) The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) has founded a National Call Center for Homeless Veterans hotline to ensure that homeless Veterans or Veterans at-risk for homelessness have free, 24/7 access to trained counselors. The hotline is intended to assist homeless Veterans and their families, VA Medical Centers, federal, state […]

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