What a shelter can look like

Not all shelters… That sounds like a social justice hashtag, right? They’ve been using this house as a homeless shelter for the last year. That’s what I found in a cute little neighborhood and the residents can stay for a 90 days each. Each bedroom has two beds and the guests are gone every dayContinue reading “What a shelter can look like”

Quirks of a Temporary Home

If you are not Snow White, it is a pretty big challenge to share a home with 7 men. Ideally the home will have a lot of room so people do not feel like they’re living on top of one another. It should be comfortable enough to lend dignity to the residence but I’m comfortableContinue reading “Quirks of a Temporary Home”


Check out Portland Maine’s “Preble Street” and the new Women’s Housing it is opening this month for 40 previously homeless women who will have apartments, semi private bedrooms and a quiet shelter space , this is a HUGE change from sleeping on cots in the corner of large shelter rooms. The Portland Press Herald hasContinue reading “www.preblestreet.org”

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