December 1, 2010 Winter Shelter

December 1 is the start of Winter Shelter in Los Angeles County. Their web page has not been updated with the 2010-2011 scheadule – however they do post an overview of the project: “LAHSA’s Winter Shelter Program (WSP) runs annually from December 1 through March 15. This season, the WSP will increase the number of emergency […]

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Individual reality – being homeless

It is hard to think about homelessness and childhood. It is almost so painful that we just don’t think about it.  Being “homeless” is still viewed as a grown man’s problem. It is an epidemic in our Veterans or issue regarding the adults who sleep in the bus stops. But the truth is that Homelessness […]

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“THOSE kind of people”

I received a comment that Koch Industries funding for the homeless would be wasted because “those kind of people” are not good press and instead of supporting the effort to end the causes or symptoms of homelessness – funders will be “bemoaned”. Really? What kind of people are the homeless really and how do you see […]

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