Donating After Disaster

Grab on to that urge to give. Dont let it slip away. Please leave a comment with a place that you know of where people can donate money, food, items, clothing, or their time. These places can be at local disaster sites like Texas and Tennessee during Hurricane Harvey or local nonprofits. The reason you’reContinue reading “Donating After Disaster”

Child Care, All That Stands Between Us and Poverty.

Dear LAUSD and all public schools, Please make more room in your after school care program. I can’t be the only parent facing this challenge.  I could not work if I did not have child care and I could not afford child care if I did not work. Right now I am a single motherContinue reading “Child Care, All That Stands Between Us and Poverty.”

Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.

I am still feeling sick about the #Charleston AME shooting last night. I have heard it is not #Terrorism because it isn’t politically motivated and the shooter was “mentally disturbed”. Umm, Sitting Senator Clementa Pinckney was one of the nine victims murdered. I would call that a political shooting, wouldn’t you? At any rate …Continue reading “Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.”

Give me your leads and suggestions

I need to update my resource list. Clothing places like Deseret Industries, Society of St. Vincent de Paul … Employment and child care : Boyle Heights Family source, Worksource, Homeboy Indistries… Food Clothing Shelter Low income housing Job training Employment placement Therapies Remedial Education Financial Literacy

Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb

Just read the e-mail and give me help. Hi,  Im sorry i took so long but we actually met about a month ago. I was the one girl who was gonna be taken off the GAIN program due to my child passing away not to long. My name is xxxxxxx?!  I hope you do remember. IContinue reading “Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb”

A Cry for Help in Florida #fb

Okay, This child is on the verge of homelessness and needs you.  I have found the most depressing web site in the world – but it exemplifies all that I know about the people who are trying to avoid and survive homelessness. The literacy Skills, Relationship Issues, and overall need are very indicative of what IContinue reading “A Cry for Help in Florida #fb”

Domesitc Violence Shelters are hurting

reducing services, staff and possibly beds because there are not enough funds to keep them going. The state funds have been reduced, Federal Stimulus finding is going away, but the need for the services remain the same or greater. So where can the money come from. Ultimately the funding comes from you – sometimes inContinue reading “Domesitc Violence Shelters are hurting”

HOW to help – FAQ

How can I help a person sleeping on the streets? Any time you see a homeless person in distress, please call 211. The operator will contact LAHSA or another service agency. An even more simple answer : ASK THEM what you can do to help. Should I give to panhandlers? Don’t hand out money.  AndContinue reading “HOW to help – FAQ”

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