I hope you don’t get Covid

I hope you don’t get Covid-19.If you do catch it,I hope you are asymptomatic.If you have symptoms, I hope they are mild.If they are severe, I hope you are not miserable.If they are severe:I hope you survive.If you do survive I hope you don’t have Post ICU trauma (a real form of PTSD)If you surviveContinue reading “I hope you don’t get Covid”

more wristbands for the Health Clinic in Downtown

The Downtown Los Angeles RAM clinic started today at 6 am. Wristbands have been given out and still hundreds of hopeful clients are standing in line. Special Notice: Additional Wristband Distribution is Wednesday April 28 Remote Area Medical® (RAM) will distribute a limited number of wristbands on Wednesday, April 28 starting at 10 a.m. on the eastContinue reading “more wristbands for the Health Clinic in Downtown”

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