Aging in place

Being homeless takes a decade off your life if you’re young… imaging wjat it does to the elderly. Younger honeless people can actually measure as senior citizen s in all areas except for age… how to house them? oh, and watched an @invisiblepeople @hardlynprmal video Advertisements

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Census missed 460,000 children in poverty

“Unrelated individuals under 15 are excluded from the poverty universe” I know, the art work isn’t great, but it is my best explanation of how 460,000 children were not counted in the Census data. This loop hole should be closed by the next census – but it means that when we talk about the 1.7% jump in […]

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For Mark Horvath @hardlynormal

I wanted to say that YOU ROCK! Enjoy the bright moment in the spotlight and I hope it always shines on the work that you are doing. For the rest of you . . . . check out   and  and and follow . @wearevisible . Learn about the experience of being homeless. REad about […]

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