Worst Conspiracy Ever

I’m ashamed of the forces behind this elitist global Pandemic plot. Evil genius evaluation of the NWO Covid planOh my God.This is why Group Projects are “The Worst”. Flipping China had to be a show off and turn their work in first. Like, we were supposed to take down the world economy be releasing COVID-19Continue reading “Worst Conspiracy Ever”

USICH : What is it , why do I give it a #fail ?

USICH stands for United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. Nothing on their page will tell you that, unless you hover over the tab in your internet browser. I literally had to Google it.  I am hoping that, as an agency , they are better at their job than they are at getting their name outContinue reading “USICH : What is it , why do I give it a #fail ?”

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