I was a Republican Conservative

I was a proud Republican Conservative until it became my job to help people live in dignity. You can be proud to be an American And love your neighbors who are not. You can disagree with the leadership And express that in words requiring thought. You can wade into poverty To pull out people whoContinue reading “I was a Republican Conservative”

Money, Poverty, Prejudice and Being “A Basic”

I am one of those “basic girls” who lives in Suburbia , loves @Target a little too much, and has rock hard abs … not.

Dear Koch Industries

You need better PR than you are going to get by funding the Tea Party as accused by @nomikikonst . I suggest you bank roll something more meaningful and sadly – less covered in the news rooms.  Pour those discretionary funds into Ending Homelessness.  Assign your seemingly amazing KOCH INDUSTRIES  PR department the impossible task of getting HomelessContinue reading “Dear Koch Industries”

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