JOB opening for GAIN clients

3 Day filing period start TODAY ♥^bWOsyzi4DtU/2ujmYvEETCD5dsLectyc5yLk2BqElzKwN1CRuD_slp_rhc_AQK5fIqXIr8DiFApZiGHwJC2V_C_R__L_F_ceNmXNpZmnEPsXQANafjbxunHaHAe0E=&jobId=54260&type=search&JobReqLang=143&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=5041&JobSiteInfo=54260_5041&GQId=71 Details are as follows :  Pay is about $12 an hour. You need 2 years of experience as a custodian. Position/Program Information This position has the responsibility for maintaining clinics, hospitals, and institutional wards in a clean and orderly manner. Essential Job Functions Cleans and sanitizes Isolation Rooms,Continue reading “JOB opening for GAIN clients”

I NEED Community Service ideas

for low-income parents who will have child care and transportation already taken care of for them. I have a population of adults with education varying from GED’s in progress to Bachelor degrees. Many of them have Vocational Training in Medical Assisting and General Office. The point of Community Service is to help my clients engageContinue reading “I NEED Community Service ideas”

CALWORKS is not a political football

So stop tossing it around like the program is a pastime or a toy. Seriously! I get that picking on the poor (who are the least likely to vote) is super easy. No one wants to be them and it scares us so we despise them. Sometimes we feel that we are successful only because weContinue reading “CALWORKS is not a political football”

Sometimes the “system” is broken

She was just here – a bright and smiling mother of three elementary school children. I try to keep looking at her in the eyes and not let my eyes wander to the dents in her skull or scars on her arms where she was hit over and over again with a hammer. She wasContinue reading “Sometimes the “system” is broken”

on Welfare or GR and need a job

in Pasadena Ca? Please send email to this is a link to their ad or Apply in Person at  3750 E Foothill Blvd Suite C, Pasadena, CA 91107

Job info to tell your GAIN Worker

Congratulations on your employment! Your DPSS worker can help you sustain your employment AND give you credit for the hours you are working – but only if you let them know. This is the basic information you should provide IN Writing. There is an actual official form, but until you can turn that in – giveContinue reading “Job info to tell your GAIN Worker”

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