Homeless Services are Supposed to Help.

I love Los Angeles and admire the DPSS programs and @SheilaKuehl the BOS member for my neighborhood. After 11 years of working with and around them I have a deep appreciation for them. So imagine how horrified I am to find out that someone has been homeless for years and has been asking the systemContinue reading “Homeless Services are Supposed to Help.”

The Vocational Assessment 

The primary goal of GAIN is to be a true Welfare to Work plan. before a client finds work, it is helpful for them to have an idea of their strengths and interests. Enter the Vocational Assessment. Today I went to the Valley Assessment Center at Los Angeles Valley Community College and took an assessmentContinue reading “The Vocational Assessment “

I Blog to Cope in Social Work

Today sucked. It is 12:26am  and I am writing this on my Verizon Samsung phone. I did middle of the night grocery shopping, cleaned my kitchen and still have the events from work poking me in the eye. All else has failed, so I will write. It turns out that writing is pretty therapeutic (somethingContinue reading “I Blog to Cope in Social Work”

Private Vocational Training vs. Public

@Ulaverne @LAMC_ASO @lavalleycollege sometimes private 4 year schools or community colleges are better values

We Need To Get a Few Details Straight on Welfare

What is with the hate? I am not sure that you and I are thinking of the same things when I talk about Welfare. I read all kinds of stupid and angry posts about Welfare Queens, and Lazy Dogs who don’t know their fathers applying  and qualifying for welfare (No joke, my own Grandmother FaceBook LikedContinue reading “We Need To Get a Few Details Straight on Welfare”

Wicked Witch of the Welfare Office

#fb @sonyakeith @ascencia

The hard part of being a social worker #fb

 The hard part of being a social worker is not being able to be the Solution Provider. You are homeless, and I don’t have a home to put you in. You’re in mental strife, but all the county approved therapists are booked. Please don’t kill yourself before I can find you a professional to talkContinue reading “The hard part of being a social worker #fb”

Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb

Just read the e-mail and give me help. Hi,  Im sorry i took so long but we actually met about a month ago. I was the one girl who was gonna be taken off the GAIN program due to my child passing away not to long. My name is xxxxxxx?!  I hope you do remember. IContinue reading “Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb”

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