Welfare in casinos?

Sonya Keith (@sonyakeith) has shared a Tweet with you: “sonyakeith: RT @KFINEWS: Governor Schwarzenegger has ordered an end to welfare spending in casinos and on cruise ships. http://bit.ly/9Y1W4Z” ♥♥♥♥♥ I have been telling you – there re NO RULES about how the cash aid has to be spent. Could we please write some guidelines andContinue reading “Welfare in casinos?”

FRAUD! How to See it and Report it …

(800) 349-9970 Money that is mispent here is stolen from the needy. Examples:

SCAM! UHO – Oh No!

United Homeless Organization , the sidewalk tables collecting change – has been shut down. The change was not being sent to Homeless charities or soup kitchens. The funds were split among the people paying $20  to man the table for a shift and the organizers of UHO. They were making well over $100,000.00 a year and founderContinue reading “SCAM! UHO – Oh No!”


” You just had your nails and hair done. Obviously you don’t need Welfare!”. Seriously? You are going to say that? Homeless adults have outreach programs that do make-overs. We should expect these folks to be dressed nicely when they come to their appointments and when they look for housing or work. Stop speculating aboutContinue reading “rants”

IHSS, filled with fraud or underfunded

interresting article here It is less costly for someone to stay in their home than for Medi-cal to pay $3,000 or $4,000 a month for the cloent to go into long term care, however, there is a bunch of fraud. Calm down, I have seen the fraud myself, when working with an Area Agency onContinue reading “IHSS, filled with fraud or underfunded”

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