A Few Words on EBT vs Restaurant Meals Programs

The convienence store next door proudly displays “EBT  commonly known as CalFresh is accepted here”. Please, please, please don’t use your cash aid money at the 7-11 store where everything costs more than at the store. A stick of string cheese is a dollar there. At a grocery store you can buy the package of 12 sticks […]

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Cal-Fresh (akak Foodstamps) on EBT explained.

LA County is doing a great job at outreach to explain the service. They are posting information fact sheets here: http://www.ladpss.org/dpss/calfresh/brochures.cfm http://www.ladpss.org/dpss/calfresh/pdf/brochures/CalFreshBenefitsEBTCardBrochure(English).pdf   This is the text from one of them. Food stamp benefits are now a card  not coupons: Food stamps are not paper coupons anymore. Now you get an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. It […]

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Grocery Money $Making it Last

#fb, Otherwise known as “A word of advice from Sonya’s mother”.  Foodstamps, aka SNAP is carefully calculated to provide enough funds to feed the family or individual they are issued to for an entire month  when other income sources are factored in. However, Food Banks are seeing a crush of clients come in at the […]

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SNAP/ Food Stamp income guide

this is by request from a client in a local shelter – the rest of the information can be found on the site this information came from – http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/applicant_recipients/eligibility.htm Households have to meet income tests unless all members are receiving TANF, SSI, or in some places general assistance. Most households must meet both the gross […]

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EBT – When will my money be on the card

Look at your EBT/ Golden State Advantage card. Read the number carefully. FOOD STAMPS / GR The very last number to the right will be the day of the month your benefits are on the card. ♥          ♥               ♥              ♥                                ♥          ♥               ♥              ♥ CalWORKS  if the number is:                                     Benefits will be on the card: […]

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