Thank you

Even the best of us who are happy healthy and will adjusted are feeling stressed out right now. Imagine if you are receiving professional assistance with a substance use disorder, and mental health issue, and oh yeah you’re homeless. And now the entire world has been turned off. And the two shelters that I runContinue reading “Thank you”

Day 2, Black History Month Things to Ponder

Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.Lucy Parsons: Freedom, Equality & Solidarity – Writings & Speeches, 1878-1937 Something I have noticed is that racism is rampant among my friends who do not think beyond the surface level. It’s like what I tell my daughter to find the hairbrushContinue reading “Day 2, Black History Month Things to Ponder”

Tell Me Why You Are Great.

If we are friends : I can answer this for you.  But, do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? This challenge is a combination of my case management technique and a reaction to internet memes asking me to name any accomplishment made by ——(fill in the blank , usually Hillary Clinton)—– in the lastContinue reading “Tell Me Why You Are Great.”

PATH is a FaceBook Cause

PEOPLE ASSISTING THE HOMELESS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit CAUSE PAGE on Facebook (I was invited by Carlos Gonzales) PATH was founded in 1984 by a community collaborative of churches, synagogues, businesses, and concerned citizens who came together to address the growing problem of homelessness in Los Angeles. The group became incorporated as a non-profit organization withContinue reading “PATH is a FaceBook Cause”

Face Book Group Angry About Welfare

“Making Drug Tests required to Get Welfare” It’s the new popular group I see my friends joining in my Face Book stream.  Some of them have asked why I don’t join the group. Because I actually see Welfare moms and dads who have “substance abuse” issues, I think I can speak to this topic withContinue reading “Face Book Group Angry About Welfare”


RE: NORTH hOLLYWOOD Wow, the conversation on my FACEBOOK went long into the night and early morning. Maybe I should port the information over here. Thank you Mikey from Orange County for the UPN# – whatever that is. I e-mailed a link to my blog to anyone who looked remotely important in civic leadership. IContinue reading “comments”


I found him on Twitter when I searched for “Homeless” under a topic . . . as you can tell, I am addicted to Twitter and it updates my facebook, and FriendFeed finds my blog and pops it onto twitter with a link. Therefore, when this gentleman asked me for my feed link – IContinue reading “HARDLY NORMAL!”

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