Should I Leave My Job?

We are making great strides at ending homelessness and connecting people in that community to mental health and substance programs. I am FINALLY doing therapy with this population. My boss is great. So… what’s the problem? Well, yesterday was my two year anniversary at Tarzana. I was expecting to do my annual review. I’m expectingContinue reading “Should I Leave My Job?”

Too Poor to Work

A few years ago I was in a crunch. I earned $18 an hour and was raising a 4 year old child. I wrote about how hard finding child care made it for me to work here in 2015. Here is how my budget broke down… Income: $2,880 But… I didn’t see my full check.Continue reading “Too Poor to Work”

Work sucks

Well… the actual work doesn’t suck. Meeting with people and exploring solutions and stuff…yes, STUFF is my technical term here:I can do that. Monday at lunch time a Co-worker left his badge on the desk and walked out the door never to be seen or heard from again. *poof* Tomorrow is Ani’s last day becauseContinue reading “Work sucks”

Women’s Pay With Education

Education and ethnicity still not equalize pay for women. Still less than pay for men. So: 1. Research pay for your field of interest. 2. Speak to others who have the job you want and ask about pay and benefits … you will need this to negotiate. 3. Do not ask this of the folksContinue reading “Women’s Pay With Education”

Healthcare for the poor – is it quality or user friendly?

45 Minutes to find MediCAL Dr. info @MENDPoverty, @countyofLA @211lacounty Meet Each Need with Dignity

MTA Jobs, 3 weeks free training to prepare to apply!

Come join an orientation to learn about the Bus Operator Bridge Program! Sept. 6 or 7   Los AngelesValleyCollege 5800 Fulton Avenue ValleyGlen,CA91401 *Please park in the parking lot B Be a part of a free 3 weeks training that will help prepare for interviews and job placement with Metro Transit!   Previous bus drivingContinue reading “MTA Jobs, 3 weeks free training to prepare to apply!”

One Account of an Individualized Job Search

Treat job seekers with dignity and help them to treat their job search as a job in itself. Everyone will be better off.

When You Go to a Job Fair

Simple Steps To Success Dress like a grown up Bring several copies of your resume Bring  a pen and paper (Preferably in a notebook) to write contact information etc. Leave your children and pets at home Smile – starting the moment you enter the door Shake hands and introduce yourself to the people offering jobsContinue reading “When You Go to a Job Fair”

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