From Heather Cox Richardson

Hi, let me preface this post that I’m sharing by telling you that I am a Republican and have voted Republican for a very long time. I was a fan of Trump’s but I did not vote for him for president because during his election I got an insight to what his true character isContinue reading “From Heather Cox Richardson”

My Republican, Leftist, Agenda

25 years of case management social work and public engagement have shown me that the most important thing we can do is educate each other. We need to share the knowledge that we’ve gathered and we need to be able to independently and individually decipher that knowledge and apply it to what we’re looking at.Continue reading “My Republican, Leftist, Agenda”

Vote! Election date

Hey @gop and Democrats, March 3rd is the Primary for voters in Los Angeles! And yep! I vote in every election I can. Play a game of Let’s pretend: Vote like a woman. Vote like a minority. Vote like someone with few resources. If that felt weird to you, then ask yourself what your votingContinue reading “Vote! Election date”

Are Homeless People Citizens ? Will the Sheriff’s Department Care About the Answer?

#voteLASheriff @OlmstedInstead @tanakalasheriff @vinceforsheriff @BurbankPD

Educate Yourself before you vote

#fb It’s political season and everyone is promising everything – if you would just vote for them … Get to know what the limits and powers of the offices really are so you can watch the commercials and read the pundit’s promises and know when they are blowing smoke at you. WHAT IS A GOVERNORContinue reading “Educate Yourself before you vote”

Where to VOTE –

Forgot your polling location? It’s okay . Go HERE: and enter   Polling Place & Sample Ballot Lookup   Home Number House number of residence address. (No Fraction) Street Name Do not include street type (ave., st., blvd., etc.)     To find out where you need to be TODAY before the polls close AT 8 PM.Continue reading “Where to VOTE –”

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