Charity is Learned at Home

Education: what am I teaching my daughter in the non school hours. This is the 6th year I have worked in a charity gala…I’m not quite one of the “ladies who lunch”, I am one of the ladies who munch in the evenings in conference rooms around the valley – finding ways to share joysContinue reading “Charity is Learned at Home”

Teacher Appriciation and Education

Education is the first line of defense against poverty. A great education is priceless. Caring and wonderful teachers are wonders beyond measure. If you know one of these people, thank them profusely. Because: It is more common to find a high school drop out in the Welfare office or sleeping on the bus bench thanContinue reading “Teacher Appriciation and Education”

Private Vocational Training vs. Public

@Ulaverne @LAMC_ASO @lavalleycollege sometimes private 4 year schools or community colleges are better values

8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment – Oh look, my degree is first on the list : Sociology. Not that this is a surprise.

Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb

DMB performed this song:Seek Up  “Sit a while with TV’s hungry child, big belly swelled Oh, for the price of a coke or a smoke keep alive those hungry eyes Take a look at me, what you see in me, mirror look at me Face it all, face it all again.”  I am really sorryContinue reading “Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb”

For Profit Colleges scam the poor

and you, the tax payer pay for it. Mind you, many of these classes are offered tuition free at community or public college. Sometimes we can not pay for CalWORKS clients to attend these schools because the cost is unnecessary.   Read this story on how places like The University of Phoenix and other “schools”Continue reading “For Profit Colleges scam the poor”

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