My Republican, Leftist, Agenda

25 years of case management social work and public engagement have shown me that the most important thing we can do is educate each other. We need to share the knowledge that we’ve gathered and we need to be able to independently and individually decipher that knowledge and apply it to what we’re looking at.Continue reading “My Republican, Leftist, Agenda”

Part time workers

Are NOT unemployed,  so says the Government. Under-Employed folk don’t get counted or credit for any ongoing job search. So the next time you see statistics that claim we are climbing out of this hole – remember that the statistics leave a lot of people out.

Filming in No Ho

At the Hacienda Corona. Why should you care?  Because the movie industry has pretty much stopped filming in LA or even Ca and that means a lot of film workers, lighting guys, sound editors, crew, etc are not working which means no pay which means no rent or mortgage money. The Film Insustry is 9%Continue reading “Filming in No Ho”

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