January Hot Meals Locations

http://file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/dpss/1044385_Listing_of_Participating_Restaurants_b LISTING OF PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS IN RESTAURANT MEALS PROGRAM BY ZIP CODES January 2019 Domino’s Pizza 2025 E. Florence Ave. Los Angeles, 90001 (323) 587-0300 Tam’s Burgers 6620 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, 90001 (323) 585-8267 Carolyn’s Kitchen 853 E. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles, 90001 (323) 585-1661 La Pizza Loca 1401 Gage Ave., Ste. #AContinue reading “January Hot Meals Locations”

EBT limitations . . . good or bad

The uptight Responsible Republican in me wants to regulate everything and ensure the money given to recipients is used wisely and in ways I would spend it on their behalf.  I am a control freak. Apparently, I am not the only one: “The locations where you can use your EBT card to withdraw cash mayContinue reading “EBT limitations . . . good or bad”

E.B.T. and @CapitalOneCafe ATMs

If you dont like banks, or getting dressed up,  and prefer working digitally with little human interaction, then you might be banking at @CapitalOne. I do, but mostly because they let me put a photo on a credit card 4 years ago(…but whatThe ever). So it came to my attention that folks with EBT cardsContinue reading “E.B.T. and @CapitalOneCafe ATMs”

All you need to know about the Tap bus card

Do you remember having to have exact change and buying $0.2 cent paper transfers as you rode across town on the bus? Those days are long gone for any transit system and a new plan is in place. It is called the TAP card because you “tap” it against a big blue button and theContinue reading “All you need to know about the Tap bus card”

Money, Poverty, Prejudice and Being “A Basic”

I am one of those “basic girls” who lives in Suburbia , loves @Target a little too much, and has rock hard abs … not.

En Espanol – foodstamps

Appliqué Para Estampillas de Comida   Sobre este sitio La intención de nuestro sitio de la red es de proveer un recurso electrónico para la comunidad latina en su propia lengua. En el proceso de crear este recurso, nos estamos creando un idioma para hablar de las estampillas de comida y una cultura de promociónContinue reading “En Espanol – foodstamps”

Cal-Fresh (akak Foodstamps) on EBT explained.

LA County is doing a great job at outreach to explain the service. They are posting information fact sheets here: http://www.ladpss.org/dpss/calfresh/brochures.cfm http://www.ladpss.org/dpss/calfresh/pdf/brochures/CalFreshBenefitsEBTCardBrochure(English).pdf   This is the text from one of them. Food stamp benefits are now a card  not coupons: Food stamps are not paper coupons anymore. Now you get an electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card. ItContinue reading “Cal-Fresh (akak Foodstamps) on EBT explained.”

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