Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers

“How could these parents bring their kids to live on the street ?” vs “Why did you stay when he hit you?” As I have been saying for years, many of my clients have become homeless because they needed to escape an abusive relationship. They left. They escaped. They took their kids with them. DuringContinue reading “Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers”

Imagine – what do you do?

Your options: Stay Home Stay with family Stay in a motel Rent an apartment Move to a shelter Become homeless The Rules: Whatever choice you make, your kids come with you. You have enough money for 2 weeks in a motel, one month in an apartment, 2 months with family, forever homeless or forever inContinue reading “Imagine – what do you do?”

I am unable to sleep – I am haunted by the words of my trainer.

Training for my new job started last Monday and i have been waking up at 4:30 am each day to get ready, prepare and drop off Darla and then drive for an hour to Norwalk where my training is. I understand how hard it is to train and smile at the same faces 8 hoursContinue reading “I am unable to sleep – I am haunted by the words of my trainer.”

Sometimes the “system” is broken

She was just here – a bright and smiling mother of three elementary school children. I try to keep looking at her in the eyes and not let my eyes wander to the dents in her skull or scars on her arms where she was hit over and over again with a hammer. She wasContinue reading “Sometimes the “system” is broken”

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