How to Test Your Drugs for Fentanyl with a Test Strip

Testing Injectable Drugs After preparing your shot, set it aside and test the residue that was left on the cooker or spoon. Add a small amount of water into the residue in the spoon or cooker. Stir the mixture, of residue and water, with the bottom end of a clean needle. While holding the blue end ofContinue reading “How to Test Your Drugs for Fentanyl with a Test Strip”

Pregnant and in Drugs

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a woman who is 6 months pregnant and addicted to opiods. I put her in residential rehabilitation and she walked out within a day. She believes that quitting get drugs will kill her baby. Actually, that’s what she wants me to believe.  She believes that quitting will kill her.Continue reading “Pregnant and in Drugs”

Drug Use and Welfare

Do you think that adults should have to pass a drug test in order to receive Cash Aid and Foodstamps and Medical Insurance ? I came across this quote when reading about texas Food Banks “Something that they could also implement that will cut down on the number of applicants is subject each and everyContinue reading “Drug Use and Welfare”

Skid Row gang injunction

LA CAN – please shut up and get your facts straight. Also, read the etiquette chapter on listening politely to your city Officials before protesting pointlessly. The Gang Injunction is to keep known drug dealers from selling in Skid Row, It is not an injunction against homelessness, people without housing, or people who use drugsContinue reading “Skid Row gang injunction”

Double Murder – a year later

What happened Easter morning in 2009 at The Lamp Lodge in LA’s Skid Row and what does it say about the safety and services for residents there . . . Read the City Journal’s story on the Truth about Policing and Skid Row for an animated accounting of the murder and reasons behind it. BasicallyContinue reading “Double Murder – a year later”

Face Book Group Angry About Welfare

“Making Drug Tests required to Get Welfare” It’s the new popular group I see my friends joining in my Face Book stream.  Some of them have asked why I don’t join the group. Because I actually see Welfare moms and dads who have “substance abuse” issues, I think I can speak to this topic withContinue reading “Face Book Group Angry About Welfare”

It’s not the How, it’s What Now

When drug use and other ingredients on the list combine to create a person of fame and fortune, they make the tabloids and Dr. Phil shows up in your hospital room, Rosie O’Donnell invites you to her house to stay.

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