CalWORKS and Domestic Violence

  E. Child Support Good Cause Claim for Non-Cooperation   Prior to referral of an individual to the local child support agency, the county welfare department shall determine if that person has good cause for non-cooperation. 107 County welfare departments must inform all applicants/recipients verbally and in writing of their right to request an exemptionContinue reading “CalWORKS and Domestic Violence”

Domesitc Violence Shelters are hurting

reducing services, staff and possibly beds because there are not enough funds to keep them going. The state funds have been reduced, Federal Stimulus finding is going away, but the need for the services remain the same or greater. So where can the money come from. Ultimately the funding comes from you – sometimes inContinue reading “Domesitc Violence Shelters are hurting”

Domestic Violence Victems who work

have new protections in Conneticut. “explicitly prohibits an employer from refusing to hire, terminating, penalizing, threatening, or otherwise retaliating against any employee because the worker is a victim of family violence or because the employee attends or participates in a court proceeding related to a civil case in which he or she is aContinue reading “Domestic Violence Victems who work”

How to leave your Abuser

You are going to need to be resourceful because  the CA Governor slashed  much of the DV shelter and prevention services – but it can be done and I will tell you how. You need to plan – this is not likely to work if you do this spur of the moment because there areContinue reading “How to leave your Abuser”

The best thing I’ve read today

about the state of Homelessness and need for compassion. Thank you  and The Herald Tribune. Here are the (in my view) the best quotes: Homelessness is a complicated issue that does not have a single solution. Military veterans are also overrepresented among the homeless population. The Veterans Administration estimates that 20 percent ofContinue reading “The best thing I’ve read today”

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