Don’t leave your neighbors alone in a hot car

A child left in a hot car can die; but some kids call a car home. How do we help them? #hotcar

Death on Crocker St -revisited

Death on Crocker St. This is my throwback Thursday link. Living out in the element with no shelter, sunblock, reliable nutrition, healthcare, clean toilets, leads to a shortened life.   Thousands of years ago humans had a shorter life span. In third world countries people died like this. But this is in Los Angeles :myContinue reading “Death on Crocker St -revisited”

Godd Bless Anne Martini

A mid-west ballerina who was a personal assistant to Jane Fonda, worked and taught at UCLA and in the recent years was accepted to Graduate School at USC, Anne Martini died on Christmas Eve 2010. In the middle of her life she had an abusive marriage, a drinking problem, and a mental breakdown. UCLA hospitalContinue reading “Godd Bless Anne Martini”

Sleeping and run over by a truck

A man was sleeping on the side of the freeway in Portland last night when a truck, driven by a young man who was drunk, went off the road and flipped. During the accident a homeless man was killed by the vehicle. They think he died instantly.  No one knows who the sleeping man was.Continue reading “Sleeping and run over by a truck”

Homeless Man is mourned in Florida

Some of you will read this article and think “Well, of course – he was homeless and drank himself to death. That is all the homeless do – they drink” Some others will assume that one less homeless individual is one less mouth to feed. I want you to read this article and replace “Homeless”Continue reading “Homeless Man is mourned in Florida”

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