Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

      SOWK 635- Fall 2016 Critical Appraisal of Evidence Report Sonya Keith December 13, 2016 Professor __________   Background of Research Problem Human Trafficking is a crime that is undetected to the average American citizen. Slavery was visible, legal and acceptable when America was first colonized until the Civil War. After the ratification ofContinue reading “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking”

Breaking Barriers – from jail to housing

I often hear that we should let our homeless live in jails and our criminals have to scrounge in the street. How about if no person had to live in the street? Could we try that? As we’ve discussed,crime impacts at least 3 causes of homelessness. Now here is a program designed to keep theContinue reading “Breaking Barriers – from jail to housing”

A Letter to My Very White Daughter, From Your Mildly Racist Mother

Dear Darla, I like this photo. You are so stinking cute in a hoodie. Every time you put on a hoodie and go walking through our gated community – I immediately think of Trevon Martin and experience a flash of thankfulness that you are not black in America today. To be sure, there have beenContinue reading “A Letter to My Very White Daughter, From Your Mildly Racist Mother”

Domestic Violence and the Zero

Women with household incomes less than $7,500 are 7 times as likely as women with household incomes over $75,000 to experience domestic violence. That’s one powerful zero. In my experience, homeless women are far more likely to have $7,500 or less than they are to having even $17,000. They can’t afford housing anywhere other thanContinue reading “Domestic Violence and the Zero”

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