The Homeless Encampment

A homeless Encampment is a community of people living together in public on land that doesn’t belong to them. Each encampment has a culture: a time to do chores, a time to work, quiet time. Every encampment has an internally identified leader or leadership crew. Why live there? Safety and community. There is safety inContinue reading “The Homeless Encampment”

Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina

You may remember that I started this blog when I worked on Skid Row. I have a love and hate relationship with the police. My absolute adoration changed when I began working in Skid Row. It was hard for me to tell the difference between “the Purple Shirts” and other area community forces. I learned to sayContinue reading “Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina”

Living Third World in a First World Country

#fb is Homelessness a #FirstWorldProblem? @padschicago@Path @Ascencia @Invisiblepeople

Infrastructure or Social Services?

To end poverty and benefit the community as a whole – should you spend your dollars on infrastructure or social services? Do you fund the painful symptom or cure the illness? You have to do both. Building enough homeless shelters to house everyone only puts people in shelters – it does not give them anyContinue reading “Infrastructure or Social Services?”

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