Don’t cut Welfare – Prune it

Welfare and Welfare to Work programs are vital to the recovery of families in poverty. Welfare to Work pushes clients towards employment and provides basic education and training that clients need in order to get and keep a job that will provide enough income for their family to leave the Welfare Rolls. California Government isContinue reading “Don’t cut Welfare – Prune it”

Dress for Success . org

@DFSworldwide – this is the Twitter name for an agency actually named Dress for Success. Pretty cool! This is their web site address: . Dress for Success Worldwide – West  1680 N. Vine Street Suite 900 Los Angeles, CA 90028 Phone:  323.461.1021  “Dress for Success Worldwide – West is now open!  Our mission is to promote the economic independenceContinue reading “Dress for Success . org”

Un-Dress for Success

Did I get your attention?  Now give me your clothes…just your office attire, actually. Cash Aid through Welfare/CalWORKS is not much money, and certainly not enough for responsible women to indulge in basic beauty items or interview clothing. Help them Dress for Success and earn enough money to leave “the system” For the next month,Continue reading “Un-Dress for Success”

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