A whole bunch of tears

There is a purposeful lack of tissues in my office – a reminder of absence that I should not make people cry. However, today I started a flood. A lady going through divorce is afraid to tell supportive agencies that she is homeless and needs help. She wants to hide homelessness from her child’s father.Continue reading “A whole bunch of tears”

Yes. There are many homeless children in Los Angeles.

I can tell that homelessness in children has increased dramatically. I know this because I work with homeless parents and my case load has grown and grown like a weed. No. There are not enough shelters for families. Yes, children are sleeping in boxes, on sidewalks, in parking lots, in parks, on kitchen floors, onContinue reading “Yes. There are many homeless children in Los Angeles.”

Why reading to homeless kids is a Must Do

Only 1/3rd of Homeless Children read at their grade level. – I meet with their parents every day – Reading is a skill easily lost in the family and needed for financial success “Who is homeless: The National Center on Family Homelessness released a report that estimates one in every 50 American children was homeless betweenContinue reading “Why reading to homeless kids is a Must Do”

Focus on the Future and Tonight’s Problem

In the streets of Los Angeles, every night – even tonight – children will fall asleep in the backs of cars, in boxes, in shelter beds, borrowed sleeping bags, motel rooms and anywhere else their parent(s) can find for them. It is really easy to be distracted by politics, rhetoric, pomp and circumstance – butContinue reading “Focus on the Future and Tonight’s Problem”

Census missed 460,000 children in poverty

“Unrelated individuals under 15 are excluded from the poverty universe” I know, the art work isn’t great, but it is my best explanation of how 460,000 children were not counted in the Census data. This loop hole should be closed by the next census – but it means that when we talk about the 1.7% jump inContinue reading “Census missed 460,000 children in poverty”

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