I Need a New T-shirt . . .

AKA – if you donate to @MENDpoverty and tell them I sent you : I can have a new shirt and your TAX Deductible donation will be Doubled! Don’t feel you have to break the bank – even a $2 donation is cool with me. Please help us reach our year end goal by donatingContinue reading “I Need a New T-shirt . . .”

$1 a Day to Being Scrooge #fb

Remember in “A Christmas Carol” when Scrooge sent the Holiday Goose over for Christmas Dinner? You too can be Scrooge! We are about 49 days away from Christmas Dinner. If you can find just under $1 a day – you can buy this: http://www.vons.com It is Heat and Serve and comes in an easy toContinue reading “$1 a Day to Being Scrooge #fb”

Adopt a Family for the Holidays

If you want to give to a person, a child, a FAMILY this holiday season instead of (or in addition to) an agency – check out the LA COUNTY DPSS Adopt a Family Program. Here is all the information you need. Adopt-A-Family Program! Bring joy to someone’s life this holiday season and become a sponsorContinue reading “Adopt a Family for the Holidays”

AIDs walks collide?

AHF just scheaduled a walk three weeks before the longstanding AIDs Project LA walk. This is the second time that AHF, a multi-million dollar charity has ursurped the social calendar of charity walks. They recently pulled this in Florida. Pollitically, it is likely that charitable donations will get a smaller tax break in the futureContinue reading “AIDs walks collide?”

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