This is Social Work

I am not real unless you believe in me. I have no voice unless you listen for it. Much like a shadow, I can be seen but I have no power to move objects or create change. Sometimes, however, seeing a shadow will make you stop, look carefully, or even change direction. It is hardContinue reading “This is Social Work”

Well, Hell

“I just had a miscarriage and I know I should snap out of it and do my thing, but I’m so sad and depressed.” Crap. I need to talk to this person and do it so she doesn’t see the obviously pregnant people I am surrounded by. And here I was, complaining that my boiledContinue reading “Well, Hell”

Things I’ve Learned While Working Within Poverty Programs

Outsiders act like I am working with slime covered hardened criminals. I hear a lot of “Someone has to do it, I am glad it isn’t me” and “How do you stomach THOSE people?” The closer you are to living at or below the poverty line – the more you hate poor people in general.Continue reading “Things I’ve Learned While Working Within Poverty Programs”

Amish Romance Novels have Colored My Case Management

I graduated from The University of La Verne, which used to be Lordsburg ; historically a Brethren institution. Brethren, Quaker, Amish. Simple and sweet and somewhat similar. Graduation was over a decade ago and I have lost sight of some of the tenants. Fortunately I’ve been listening to the Overdrive application on my phone andContinue reading “Amish Romance Novels have Colored My Case Management”

Training Table Top Design

Sometimes trainings are enlightening. The workshop I was at today would have been great -my first year as a social worker. .tone and inflection .listening .eye contact .staying on point .building trust This is Client Interactions 101. So to keep myself quiet, I modified name rags and renamed my classmates. The instructor was very proudContinue reading “Training Table Top Design”

Tell Me Why You Are Great.

If we are friends : I can answer this for you.  But, do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? This challenge is a combination of my case management technique and a reaction to internet memes asking me to name any accomplishment made by ——(fill in the blank , usually Hillary Clinton)—– in the lastContinue reading “Tell Me Why You Are Great.”

Why homeless mothers seem manipulative

A response to “How do you fix families (that drive you nuts)”

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