The US Debt is $19.3 Trillion Dollars:Blame the Poor People

This always gets me. A sweet girl (Amy Cudworth)  I knew in Jr. High posted a rant about how families could and are abusing the welfare system and she personally is paying for them. Dear Amy, your simple knee jerk reaction was to look at the most visible consumers of American Tax Dollars and assume theyContinue reading “The US Debt is $19.3 Trillion Dollars:Blame the Poor People”

Options Program at the LAUSD

As I sit in the stands at East Los Angeles Community College listening to Dr John Deasy and Cory Lopez and Bennet Kayser and Miss Yosemitie Escevera welcome the graduates: I think this ceremony looks like every other graduation I have witnessed. But it sounds so very different. The Options Program was almost demolished thisContinue reading “Options Program at the LAUSD”

The hard part of being a social worker #fb

 The hard part of being a social worker is not being able to be the Solution Provider. You are homeless, and I don’t have a home to put you in. You’re in mental strife, but all the county approved therapists are booked. Please don’t kill yourself before I can find you a professional to talkContinue reading “The hard part of being a social worker #fb”

the most useful thing you can read

if you are poor in Los Angeles county and need help   General Information • Contact Information Sheet • Apply Online or Review Your Benefits Flyer • Offices by Service Planning Area (SPA & Zip Code) • Domestic Violence Referral Sheet • Domestic Violence Brochure • Toy Loan Program Fact Sheet • Toy LoanContinue reading “the most useful thing you can read”

A Surprising fact: CalWORKS and Saving for a Housing

#fb You can have a bank account with more than $100 in it – if it is restricted for finding housing … first and last month’s rent, deposit on housing, etc. Don’t touch it for anything else – not even to buy a stick of gum. This is from the 2008 SB 1341 that youContinue reading “A Surprising fact: CalWORKS and Saving for a Housing”

FRAUD! How to See it and Report it …

(800) 349-9970 Money that is mispent here is stolen from the needy. Examples:

I NEED Community Service ideas

for low-income parents who will have child care and transportation already taken care of for them. I have a population of adults with education varying from GED’s in progress to Bachelor degrees. Many of them have Vocational Training in Medical Assisting and General Office. The point of Community Service is to help my clients engageContinue reading “I NEED Community Service ideas”

CALWORKS is not a political football

So stop tossing it around like the program is a pastime or a toy. Seriously! I get that picking on the poor (who are the least likely to vote) is super easy. No one wants to be them and it scares us so we despise them. Sometimes we feel that we are successful only because weContinue reading “CALWORKS is not a political football”

Sometimes the “system” is broken

She was just here – a bright and smiling mother of three elementary school children. I try to keep looking at her in the eyes and not let my eyes wander to the dents in her skull or scars on her arms where she was hit over and over again with a hammer. She wasContinue reading “Sometimes the “system” is broken”

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