There is currently no rent freeze or moratorium on rent in California. So if you can’t pay, some action is likely required on your part. Partial payment of rent does not prevent you from being evicted unless you get a written agreement from your landlord or property manager. State and local eviction moratoriums do not prevent rent from beingContinue reading

Claim Your Lost Money

Free. Have you ever forgotten a bank account? Ever wondered what happened to your list rebate check? In the state of California, all abandoned funds are given to the state for safe keeping. Search and find any funds here: Not in CA? Find your Lost property and money here:

Dear Robert Marbut

Homeless sucks. It is dirty, gross, disease festering and ugly. Nobody likes it. Do you understand that? The homeless and the housed in California want this misery to end. And, by the way, we are trying… But here is the thing, it is important that folks stay alive while we work to fix it. PeopleContinue reading “Dear Robert Marbut”

EBT limitations . . . good or bad

The uptight Responsible Republican in me wants to regulate everything and ensure the money given to recipients is used wisely and in ways I would spend it on their behalf.  I am a control freak. Apparently, I am not the only one: “The locations where you can use your EBT card to withdraw cash mayContinue reading “EBT limitations . . . good or bad”

Sleeping Out for One Night

I see you on the news coverage of the @roseparade, bundled into sleeping bags and laughing, and complaining about the bitter cold. I hear you laughing and drinking and wondering how you can stand the line for the portable potty. It is fun, it is a lark It is just for the night. For you.Continue reading “Sleeping Out for One Night”

Yes. There are many homeless children in Los Angeles.

I can tell that homelessness in children has increased dramatically. I know this because I work with homeless parents and my case load has grown and grown like a weed. No. There are not enough shelters for families. Yes, children are sleeping in boxes, on sidewalks, in parking lots, in parks, on kitchen floors, onContinue reading “Yes. There are many homeless children in Los Angeles.”

Back My Kickstarter – Shedding Affluenza

Shedding Affluenza, Our book will explore poverty, racism, cultural diversity and how other people live (rich and poor) around CA and writing an ebook. @URM, @mendpoverty

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