BLM, treat me as if I were a black man.

Every black person I’ve known has been amazing, interesting, and worth knowing… “Matters” is the lowest common denominator. Imagine the heads that would explode with a statement of“Africa is larger than the USA”“Black lives are awesome” or“Treat me like you treat a black man”. Maybe that’s what white women should be saying. Rush Limbaugh andContinue reading “BLM, treat me as if I were a black man.”

Some people will never get it

This tongue in cheek letter about tv shows during COVID is also like our neighbors in a homeless crisis. If you are only inconvienced by something you become annoyed by it. My friend, Michelle Settergren, says that racism and COVID have one thing in common – they can develope right next to you but untilContinue reading “Some people will never get it”

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