BLM, treat me as if I were a black man.

Every black person I’ve known has been amazing, interesting, and worth knowing… “Matters” is the lowest common denominator. Imagine the heads that would explode with a statement of“Africa is larger than the USA”“Black lives are awesome” or“Treat me like you treat a black man”. Maybe that’s what white women should be saying. Rush Limbaugh andContinue reading “BLM, treat me as if I were a black man.”

Sinner not Saint, that Black Life Mattered

The politics and religion all in one? come over here I’ve got something to show you

Some people will never get it

This tongue in cheek letter about tv shows during COVID is also like our neighbors in a homeless crisis. If you are only inconvienced by something you become annoyed by it. My friend, Michelle Settergren, says that racism and COVID have one thing in common – they can develope right next to you but untilContinue reading “Some people will never get it”

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