Should I Leave My Job?

We are making great strides at ending homelessness and connecting people in that community to mental health and substance programs. I am FINALLY doing therapy with this population. My boss is great. So… what’s the problem? Well, yesterday was my two year anniversary at Tarzana. I was expecting to do my annual review. I’m expectingContinue reading “Should I Leave My Job?”

Look at my orchid, is it toxic?

Now, a zoom in close for a better look… Thank you. This orchid is so demanding and I feel like I can never keep it happy. If you have friends that you want to check in with, please ask them to examine my orchid also. Call 1-800- 799-7233 for the name of a really goodContinue reading “Look at my orchid, is it toxic?”

Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers

“How could these parents bring their kids to live on the street ?” vs “Why did you stay when he hit you?” As I have been saying for years, many of my clients have become homeless because they needed to escape an abusive relationship. They left. They escaped. They took their kids with them. DuringContinue reading “Gaslighting and Why We Don’t Leave Abusers”

Imagine – what do you do?

Your options: Stay Home Stay with family Stay in a motel Rent an apartment Move to a shelter Become homeless The Rules: Whatever choice you make, your kids come with you. You have enough money for 2 weeks in a motel, one month in an apartment, 2 months with family, forever homeless or forever inContinue reading “Imagine – what do you do?”

I am unable to sleep – I am haunted by the words of my trainer.

Training for my new job started last Monday and i have been waking up at 4:30 am each day to get ready, prepare and drop off Darla and then drive for an hour to Norwalk where my training is. I understand how hard it is to train and smile at the same faces 8 hoursContinue reading “I am unable to sleep – I am haunted by the words of my trainer.”

Blame the mother? Must we ?

When a woman is paid significantly less than a man is, and the man in her family is not in the home but she has children to feed : a boyfriend is as much an economical tool as he is an emotional partner. If men are paid more, then a man is needed to payContinue reading “Blame the mother? Must we ?”

Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head

Five Powerful Ways Abusive Narcissists Get Inside Your Head. Read this. It may not be YOUR relationship but if it looks familiar, tell somepne. We all know someone in an abusive relationship and it isn’t always physical.

Let’s Pretend

Assume this is the first phone call of my day… She is homeless … sheltered with her abusive husband .. about to lose shelter … and just found out she is 20 weeks pregnant … has no supportive friends or family or anyone in her corner so she calls a government worker for advice. So.Continue reading “Let’s Pretend”

7 Steps to Prevent Child Abuse Reporting – Because I HATE It.

Bad Parenting = I will have to report you and that in uncomfortable for everyone.

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