Toilet Paper Tampon

The “luxury tax” on tampons and pads adds just one more layer of impossibly annoying barriers to hygiene for low income women. The fact is that many women cannot afford tampons or pads and so they go without. They make the time-honored toilet paper tampon which is something all women have had to use atContinue reading “Toilet Paper Tampon”

Zen and the art of improving a life

Compromise is the key. By the time someone  turns to an outside force for help they have survived some massive failures. Half of the people I spoke with today are fighting for independence and the other half want to be scooped up and coddled. I am more pleased with the first group, but each presentContinue reading “Zen and the art of improving a life”

Abortion as a Basic Right for Homeless Women

Here is where I remind you that this is MY PERSONAL VIEW, and that you are oh, so welcome to comment.  Abortion is one of the few topics EVERYONE has an oppinion on and I remember seeing a bumper sticker on Merry’s jeep when I was in High school that said “An Aborted Baby Will NeverContinue reading “Abortion as a Basic Right for Homeless Women”

aarrggh – what it’s really like to be a Social Worker

Don’t pick this job.  Do something easy, like rocket science. You know, where there are absolutes and the figures always add up. Do something where if you mess it up, only seven people die at a time. Being homeless is hell. People die of starvation and exposure every day.  It is a big gaping pitContinue reading “aarrggh – what it’s really like to be a Social Worker”

Texas says Jails are better than Foster Care?

“in jail, B.W. will have access to all sorts of educational, rehabilitative, and other services, whereas if she were free, she’d just go back into foster care, run away, and be back on the street.”

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