Doodles and hope

Penguin (the cat) looking how I feel.

Before work today, Darla and I went in front of her elementary school and drew some pictures.

One of my friends called me and asked how we were doing and she was cheerful and afraid. Cannot be afraid for me. I work in this community by choice and yes I am on my third round of isolation and my fifth patient has COVID, But we will get through it.

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bu taking 2020 ” One day at a time”.

Survived 20202

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Worst Conspiracy Ever

I’m ashamed of the forces behind this elitist global Pandemic plot.

Evil genius evaluation of the NWO Covid plan
Oh my God.
This is why Group Projects are “The Worst”.

Flipping China had to be a show off and turn their work in first. Like, we were supposed to take down the world economy be releasing COVID-19 at the same time. The SAME time, stop claiming you live in a different time zone. Use a calculator. We all watched that episode of The Amazing Race, you can figure this out!

Also, this Global Plan was designed to only benefit English Speaking Americans like Bill Gates and our Big Pharma Bros.

I’d like to thank all the non-English speaking countries for tagging along, but really, you could be phoning this in and we still won’t care. The virus as we know and do care about it is the one on American soil. We just needed you to pump up some numbers for scare factor effect…

So, a major flaw was releasing a virus that actually kills people, and if you don’t die you might have permanent damage.  Dead and sick people don’t spend as much money as the young and healthy.
Young, healthy folk who are caring for sick and dying folks also don’t spend the money we want. I am glad we have addressed this by constantly trying to message that ” Grandpa wants to die for the economy”, and “sick folks don’t matter”. We need to capture the markets focus into giving is the money.

Speaking of Money and Bill Gates … Dude, if you’re such a genius, why did t you perfect the “vaccines” BEFORE we released the virus.  Look at all the dead people whose money we can’t get now… Sure, This was a surprise death and without a will their money will go into the various governments but I wanted that money to come straight to the powers that be.

And what happened to pouring the vaccine into the Holy Water and wine at random and unpublished houses of worship? Didn’t we have a lottery system in place where we’d announce that a few elite and select churches could, for a $1999 fee “wash you in the blood of Christ” and a $50  “drip drip, vaccine drizzle” I. The baptismal font of viral absolution? You know, so the money lost from shopping would be spent on folks going to every church they could to buy a cure.

We won’t recover lost potential revenue because the fabric, masks, and PPE manufacturing somehow missed the planning and marketing meeting. My suggestion was that for $5 a citizen, each person would get a 1 time use mask to reuse. Replacement masks would be a $40 monthly subscription. They money would be divided among is all. Look at all that money we let slip away!

And finally,
To be really effective, all the leaders would have bought the appropriate stocks through 4th layer shell companies, wear P.P.E. and televise nightly memorials for the best 5 deaths of the day so every world citizen would be aware, afraid, and easy to control.

The way y’all handled this is a shambles. You’re behaving like this is a Naturally Evolving and Unexpected Global Pandemic .  …

Worst Conspiracy Ever. .even the Illuminati could have pulled this off better.

Fyi.. this is satire.

Anger in the wake of COVID

This is how it feels to lose someone to COVID

My family became a statistic last week with the death of my mother in law from Covid-19 in Los Angeles. We were barred from being there during her last moments.

She was robbed of her dignity during her last moments. She was alone, without her family during what I’m sure were her terrifying last moments when the ventilator was removed.

The hospital does not give two fucks about a 76 year old woman dying of this. They just want the bed.

My family is traumatized. Unless one has been directly impacted by this virus, one doesn’t know what the fuck is going on.

I’m fucking angry right now. Who do I see about this?

Who do I hold accountable? Costco? That’s the only public place she went in the weeks before she went to the hospital. Why? Because she needed toilet paper and cleaning supplies because of all the morons who stockpiled.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to witness a loved family member dying from three states away on FaceTime? Yes or no?

I don’t give a F*** if you’re GOP or Dem, it’s all meaningless in death.

Do you know what it’s like to have to call credit card companies and banks to deal with canceling credit cards and maintaining mortgages because of their death? Do you know what it’s like to not have a funeral service? Kristin Cheney, you’re goddamn right I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and everyday since she’s been in the hospital. She had NO fight against anybody, no problems with anybody, but yet this woman was TAKEN from us because you f*** morons want to unnecessarily be out at the movies, getting your hair and nails did and go drinking at the bar.

I’m sorry YOUR home ain’t good enough for you to quarantine in so that we can save one life. Her life could have been saved if masks had been worn and the stores limited the amount of people in them. F*** you. F*** you all, you ignant f***.

(My friend lost her Mother in law to COVID this week. That lady won’t reanimate what’s the pandemic is over, she’s gone. She’s dead forever The pain is forever.

This was her testimony.)

I hope you don’t get Covid

I hope you don’t get Covid-19.
If you do catch it,
I hope you are asymptomatic.
If you have symptoms, I hope they are mild.
If they are severe, I hope you are not miserable.
If they are severe:
I hope you survive.
If you do survive I hope you don’t have Post ICU trauma (a real form of PTSD)
If you survive I hope you don’t have long term lung problems or long term neurological problems (which is the source of the lack of taste symptom), or heart issues : all documented in some post severe COVID patients.

I don’t know what the other long term after effects are, nobody does.

So please, play it safe – as inconvenient and lonely as that might be.

Not in my Hotel that I can’t afford

I am been used by the people who are outraged. They are outraged that homeless people might be housed in the Ritz or a fancy hotel.

These same people begrudgingly except the idea that a Motel 6 or other chain motel might be used to house homeless people during the time of COVID-19.

So, instead of being relieved that folks who are likely to contract Corona (and then breathe it onto people passing their bus benches or where they may be staying in public) have been removed to a location where they are removed from risk…people are angry that the proposed new location is TOO NICE

Wow. Just wow.

Even in life or death situations we are being elitist? That is crazy

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