US Regression, changing DV rules

This week, in the shadows of impeachment hearings and Kobe’s death, the US redefined Domestic Violence.

It stripped it down to a 1960’s definition.

Why should you care? Well, because Domestic Violence is a large cause of homelessness for women and children.

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Kobe and Homeless Advocacy

God bless Vanessa Bryant who lost her highschool sweetheart husband and beautiful daughter. She is beautiful inside and out ❤️

But her husband is the reason I stopped attending the #Homewalk in Los Angeles. Around the time he and Vanessa decided not to divorce, he became the spokesperson for the Homewalk.

Violence against women is a leading cause of homelessness for women. If he choked his mistress (did I forget to mention he admitted this to the police?) and choked what he considered to be a consenting partner (he layer admitted she didn’t view it as consentual)…what other women was he hurting?

I couldn’t feel good about anything with his name and face on it. I tried. I went to the first one and got within 10 feet of him when I called him a rapist…okay,  yelled it. He shrugged.

All the good works in the world without internalizing his guilt, without donating his time and money to Women’s charities, without continuing to admit his guilt (he told his priest he was innocent and bragged about it). He wasn’t contrite. He admits he didn’t ask God to forgive him…that’s the difference between the murderous saints and Kobe.

One out of every 4 women is a victim of sexual assault. In the #metoo generation, seeing this assault ignored because of Fame and talent is telling her – and other people- that she wasn’t good enough or worth empathy and respect.

Donald Trump , Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Kobe Bryant, Matt Lauer… If you don’t want to be remembered as a rapist or sexual assaulter: don’t assault.

Check in on your friends who have been abused. In a sea of grief , they feel guilty for being relieved. They feel chastised for pointing to Kobe’s own words.

As for me, maybe I will finally want to return to the Homewalk.

Claim Your Lost Money


Have you ever forgotten a bank account? Ever wondered what happened to your list rebate check?

In the state of California, all abandoned funds are given to the state for safe keeping. Search and find any funds here:

Not in CA?

Find your Lost property and money here:

Birth of a Homeless Episode

Tonight a house burned.

A Dad, and two elementary aged children lost their home and clothes, and memories of his mom. His car was also dismantled by the LAFD.

Watching the firetrucks lights from my window

If he doesn’t have Fire insurance, if he can’t afford UBER or transportation, if he can’t afford clothing… If he doesn’t have family or friends to stay with… This could be the birth of his homelessness.

Mobile Trailers for the homeless

Lately I’ve been hearing some new and creative ideas to shelter people.

FEMA pods, train storage bins… What else can we do?

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Homeless Connect Day

Today at Las Palmas Parks in San Fernando: Homeless Connect Day!

The third Thursday of every month is the day that a homeless healthcare fair is held in SPA 2.

Today’s the Los Angeles public Library, Los Angeles County Department of mental health, neighborhood legal Services, the Los Angeles public defender’s office and other agencies are here. It is a great one stop shop to get assistance for people who are low-income and not stable in housing

Setting up for Homeless Connect Day in San Fernando
Free HIV testing

Too Poor to Work

A few years ago I was in a crunch. I earned $18 an hour and was raising a 4 year old child. I wrote about how hard finding child care made it for me to work here in 2015.

Here is how my budget broke down…

Income: $2,880

But… I didn’t see my full check. With health benefits for myself and 2 daughters, my checks were closer to $2,200

Rent: $1,500

Gas: $70

Utilities : $320

Car insurance: $75 (my old car was from 2005 and paid off, thanks Dad!)

Cell phone: $120 (thanks @Verizon). We don’t have a land line.

Groceries: $250 + WIC

Misc: $80 (new shoes, toilet paper, laundry soap, tampons, etc)

So far we are at $1,995

I had $300 left at the end of the month…

Until I paid for child care which was easily $700 a month.

Yep, NEGATIVE $400, and that is with a job and a college degree.

Even with a Master’s… This is what my money looks like:

The last three weeks were Winter Vacation. No school and no free before and after school care meant I needed to pay for day camp – $140 of day camp…times 3. That is still $420 a month. I’d still be short $120.


Can you be too poor to work?


If you don’t have child care, transportation to get to child care and then to work, well. You are too poor to work.

Now, the GAIN program can help with this, but the hoops are rough. Of you have a part time job paying more than minimum wage, you won’t qualify for much help.

Should I have stopped paying for heat or gas?

…… Crumbs, I forgot my Cable bill! What you can’t see is what my emergency credit card looked like after a while.

Of course, you don’t see Child Support listed as income (hahaaaaa, as of DC Nelson pays as ordered), or the cost my my lawyer when I needed to secure custody.

So, WITH a job I barely could afford to work

Imagine how hard it is to go from nothing to employment?

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