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These are the faces of homelessness, hunger, mental illness and addiction.

Adults on Skid Row are some of the hardest people to sympathize with. “Responsible Government funding” seems to focus on children and attempt to prevent the cycle of homelessness but write off the adults who are trapped already.

The people on Skid Row are like any other group, here are some of their faces. Posted by Picasa

Home, Home on the Row

On my first day I walked for hours looking for the street called “Skid Row”. There is no one street named “Skid Row”. Skid Row in Los Angeles is a 9 block containment area in the industrial and fish district just south of the tall buildings in downtown Los Angeles.Sometimes I walk from Skid Row (where there are more people in the streets than cars) to downtown where the skies are filled with glass, money, historical architecture and steel. Everything changes as you pass Wall Street. The fact that Los Angeles’ “Wall Street” is on Skid Row is an irony that amuses me everyday. The further north you go the more movement you see, in cars, in people, and distance from home to work.

I work for a non-profit agency that provides services to the homeless, poor, and local residents of Skid Row. My goal for this blog is to explain what Skid Row is, how it works, and what changes could eventually successfully eradicate the need for places like Skid Row in modern American cities. Posted by Picasa

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