Arts and crafts

I know very few people who can afford the Dolce & Gabbana and Rihanna style headphones. But everybody should be able to feel like a princess so my daughter and I discovered that we could make our own Tiara headphones

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Homeless, Hurricane, and Hate

In Texas, there is a hurricane raging right now. Houses are flooding and being ruined. May people will become homeless from this. Many of those good folk don’t have home owners insurance and will become homeless. Will they be shunned? How exactly should we shun the Hurricane Homeless? Now, these are not people who are […]

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Imagine – what do you do?

Your options: Stay Home Stay with family Stay in a motel Rent an apartment Move to a shelter Become homeless The Rules: Whatever choice you make, your kids come with you. You have enough money for 2 weeks in a motel, one month in an apartment, 2 months with family, forever homeless or forever in […]

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Subsidized Child Care 

I have never been inside the CCRC office in Chatsworth, although I have referred about 600 families here. Child care is essential for working pare t’s as employers tend to frown on kids being in the office – and child care is expensive.   The Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation after school care is […]

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So tired 

Today at work I probably sat at my desk for maybe 10 minutes. I was so tired by the end of the day that I couldn’t remember if I had told my co-worker I was tired. Since July 4th was yesterday we assume that is automatically Christmas season so we tried singing Christmas songs to […]

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