This will cheer you up.

On Fridays I do mental health therapy groups at one of the local homeless shelters. My friend, Blake, introduced me to a video setting on YouTube that plays back some dancing video game that is interactive.

At the homeless shelter we do a grief group starting at 9:30 and then at 11:00 we do a “Dance it Out” group.

This is their favorite song and dance.

Don’t endanger your child

Dear panhandling mom,

Do not stand on the side of the road with your child in a stroller .

It can tip over into the traffick lane.

A car accident can sideswipe you both or just her .

The car exhaust fumes are 🤢 unhealthy.

If you need help, file for unemployment or public service welfare grants, there are homeless shelters for families, there are other options and all of them are safer and better than this.

Mom and child begging off the 405 exit.

$130,000 for what?

How are we spending over $130,000 to build 8×8 sheds for people to live in?

There is not a shortage of housing in Los Angeles county. We know exactly the number of empty apartment units, empty beds, and empty houses. We should be creating master leases and helping people move in. This is a total waste of money and poor planning.

Sonya Keith(@homelessinlosangeles) on TikTok: #HomelessinLos #howtobehomeless

I don’t want to tell people how to be homeless, but I have some thoughts on how you shouldn’t be.

Can we discuss @BandB_CBS

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“Thomas ” and the Hope Mannequin

Guys, dolls, ya’ll – yesterday and today Thomas came to the realisation that the voice in his head is not real and he has a head injury.

His acting was realistic. The torture he expressed is so familiar to what I see each day in people who have voices haunting and taunting them. This morning I watched a man plug his ears to block out the sounds and run for his headphones because the world was too loud.

Sorting out reality from fantasy and or illness is difficult, and it wears on your self image, esteem and emotional health.

Good job, Bold and the Beautiful! This was easily the best acting I have seen on your show.

Remnants of hope

It’s mostly shampoos and soaps and remnants of hopes left to crumble to dust in the hotel room.

The person’s gone they’ve traveled on to glory,

to a new story, to the psych ward or a place with more gloom

Letters to know one

Notes that will never be read

From a soul living a whisper from dead in her paragraph

These are what I find in the motel room

And sometimes my heart starts to break and my fingers will shake and I wash my hands over and over

I say a quick prayer for the traveler and hope they find a raveler to stitch them together as a rover

It’s a night it’s a bed it’s a place for their head, four walls to trap their dreams

But each time I come after they’ve gone and the room shouts and announces it’s void from the neon signs dim beam.

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