NIMBYs, Ruining Everything as Always

When you only have 4,000 people in the project room key hotels but you had a goal of getting 20,000 people into hotels, you have to ask some serious questions.

do we not actually have 20,000 homeless people?

Well yes we do.

do they not want to go into housing or shelter of any kind?

Well yes they do.

Do we have hotels and places to temporarily shelter homeless individuals and families?

Well yes we do.

The cities and neighborhoods where a lot of homeless people are staying, are they wanting people off of the streets?

Well yes they do.

So what’s the problem?

Nobody wants to have the homeless people sheltered near them. And this is crazy because homeless individuals who are unsheltered are a greater public health risk than people who have access to important things like:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • A safe place to sleep

Especially right now, in the middle of a pandemic which has killed over 200,000 People living on American soil, you would want to reduce the public health risk.

Homeless individuals don’t have access to masks, or clean masks. They tend to live in groups or as we like to call them because it sounds fancy, encampments. In these little neighborhoods of tents and boxes and sleeping bags there is no social distancing. If one member of this group gets Covid-19 then everybody else is at an extraordinary risk of also catching it. These are people who don’t have health insurance and who are afraid of authorities and may not go to the hospital. But if they are encamped next to where you are eating sleeping or walking then you are being exposed to all the germs that they are exposed to. They can’t isolate. They can’t quarantine.

You really want everybody to be in a place where they can close a door and have a separate airflow from you.

You don’t know who’s living in all the houses around you and you don’t know the character of the people staying in your local hotels and hotels. Having access to the information that people who are exceptionally poor are living in a building near to you should not scare you. No one’s telling you to go live there too. At this moment in time you are as much a threat to them as they are to you. Okay, this is always true.

Not having money does not make you a bad person or a bad neighbor. It means you’re unable to pay for your own shelter or housing.

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Should $12 and a Knife Cost a Life?

A letter mailed in February was answered in September by Los Angeles County. It denied the release of a peaceful elderly prisoner who has served over 30 years for stealing $12 while holding a knife. Yikes.

Justice is not always just.

Covid-19 is in the prisons and jails.

Can we reform the prisons and legal system yet?


Read his story in his own words:

Housing Skills come from experience

Over the weekend what other shelters added refrigerator stopped working. I received several emails from the guests there. Eventually they figured out that it was the fuse box and flipped the switch.

Today one of the housing staff was baffled that they didn’t know to do that automatically, and actually they were more than incredulous they were rude.

So I asked them, how would they have known? If they’ve been living in the street and attend or a box or a car, they haven’t dealt with electricity in a house before. How would they have known to flip the circuit breaker?

You have to be kind and understanding.

How to Test Your Drugs for Fentanyl with a Test Strip

Testing Injectable Drugs

After preparing your shot, set it aside and test the residue that was left on the cooker or spoon.

Add a small amount of water into the residue in the spoon or cooker.

Stir the mixture, of residue and water, with the bottom end of a clean needle.

While holding the blue end of the test strip, insert it into the mixture only up to the solid blue line for 15 seconds.

Set  the strip down on a flat surface. Wait two minutes for results. – I know it is hard to wait while you are Jonesing for your fix. Wait 2 minutes for a reading or spend eternity in a body bag: the choice is yours.

Test Strips are to reduce harm only. Test strips do not guarantee that your drug is safe. Always carry Narcan in case of an overdose. 

Testing Non Injected Drugs

You will be testing the residue in the baggy that contained your tablets or crystals.  

Add water inside the baggy and mix to combine the residue with the water. – you do this so you can slide the residue out of the bag in the next step

Once combined the mixture should be added to a half a cup of clean water– you need moisture so the strip can absorb it and test for Fentanyl

While holding the blue end of the test strip, insert it into the mixture only up to the solid blue line for 15 seconds. – 15 “M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-is”

Set  the strip down on a flat surface. Wait two minutes for results.

One red line = Has Fentanyl 

Two red lines = No Fentanyl =

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