EBT Food Stamp Locations

 The Restaurant Meals Program

allows citizens who are homeless, elderly (age 60 or over), receiving Social Security Disability, Railroad Retirement Benefit Annuities, or the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI), to purchase meals at participating restaurants.

The rationale is that a homeless person has no place to cook or to store foods needed for cooking. They have no cold spot for milk, meats, or eggs and because they are often on the move, these folks should be able to eat wherever they are. A Senior may not be able to stand, cook, read cooking instructions or safely operate and clean a kitchen. This program lets them have  nutritious meal that is hot and prepared. Physically disabled people who are low income are not likely to have access to an adaptive kitchen where they can cook with ease. This program removes a few barriers between them and safe, cooked meals.

“The Hot MealsProgram” as you will hear it called, does not allow funds enough for a hot meal every day, and probably not even many hot meals. The regular portion of the food stamp allowance is used.

Click here to see the list of current restaurants honoring the EBT card for hot meals if you are homeless, disabled or a senior citizen.

How to use this benefit

  1. Check the link above, and when you reach the restaurant look for the program symbol.
  2. Tell the server that you want to use this benefit. Not all staff are trained in how to scan your EBT card for Food Stamp payment processing and we want to avoid awkwardness at check out.
  3. Order your meal in accordance with CalFresh guidelines (EBT will not pay for alcohol) and check your receipt.


8 thoughts on “EBT Food Stamp Locations

  1. You folks have Union Rescue Mission listed for meals on Saturday and Sunday yet they serve seven days a week. Perhaps I did not understand the chart on this page or perhaps it needs correction?



  2. This is a great resource. I am having trouble reading the information because it is overlapping with your other pages. I would love to download your information as soon as the problem is fixed.


  3. Hand to Hand – Santa Monica
    503 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica (near Lincoln)
    Hot lunch served every Saturday and Most Holidays
    Starting at 9:30am
    Be there at 8am to get a ticket

  4. Would be great if there was a place we could cook with the dry/packaged/groceries we buy with our food stamps. I appreciate all volunteers who do great work cooking and serving homeless. However from my experience visiting food pantries the meals are high on fat and carbohydrates. Also they are made with meat, poultry and some of us prefer to eat vegetarian (for humanitarian reasons).

    I also wanted to offer a map I created with all San Fernando valley Hot Meals restaurants. I found it helpful, as the list above can be confusing if you want to find which restaurants are near where you are. Where can I post it for the benefit of all?

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