Covid lock down, week 1

I have bleached the shelter houses three times this week. I have told the homeless residents that they do not need to leave the shelter to look for work or housing. I do however expect them to use the internet to continue to look and make contacts. I have given everybody an extra 2-week extensionContinue reading “Covid lock down, week 1”

It’s raining, and the old man is asleep on the sidewalk getting soaked

open winter shelter and prevent the cost of sick and wet neighbors

Winter Shelter and Transportaiton Guide

Click on this link to open the 4 page PDF file with information and instructions about the Winter Shelters in Los Angeles 14-15_WSPShelter-Locations-and-Transportation-Guide_20141121.pdf

How to volunteer for a Homeless Shelter

these are ideas from @Ascencia  and @URM Volunteer  for Ascencia (in Glendale) Volunteers do a wonderful job of helping us maintain our facility and provide more programs to enrich our clients experience while here.  Depending on your skills and interests, you may be able to help with the following: Reading to children Holiday parties CraftsContinue reading “How to volunteer for a Homeless Shelter”

The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines

are fascinating. Much thought and planning has gone into serving the population who uses the shelters and the areas that host them. I am giving you the link to the handbook : it is 54 pages, but here are some highlights: ———————————————————————– Important Fact #1 – what is provided: Sink, toilet, shower, cot and a cleanContinue reading “The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines”

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