The Union Rescue Mission Lives

Last year Darla went to the #SheDoes protest on Los Angeles’ City Hall Steps. She said it was scary and it must be sad to have no money when the bank buildings are your night light. I told her about my trip to @URM and meeting LaTonya and Sheila. This was her reaction. Right nowContinue reading “The Union Rescue Mission Lives”

URM the Difference

Today I was in the Union Rescue Mission for the second time. The first time I went inside the building , I was pregnant with Darla and snuck out of Maternity triage to serve Thanksgiving dinner with the crew and cast of The Bold and the Beautiful (@BandB_CBS). I was not prepared for what IContinue reading “URM the Difference”

Donating After Disaster

Grab on to that urge to give. Dont let it slip away. Please leave a comment with a place that you know of where people can donate money, food, items, clothing, or their time. These places can be at local disaster sites like Texas and Tennessee during Hurricane Harvey or local nonprofits. The reason you’reContinue reading “Donating After Disaster”

Who I Read / Meet / Tweet / Follow to Learn More on Homelessness in General | Homeless in LA ©

Who I Read / Meet / Tweet / Follow to Learn More on Homelessness in General United States Interagency Council on Homelessness National Alliance to End Homelessness: FAQs. New York Homelessness The neighborhood of Silverlake in Los Angeles has a community council that is on the ball The Good Rev Andy Bales of Union Rescue Mission.Continue reading “Who I Read / Meet / Tweet / Follow to Learn More on Homelessness in General | Homeless in LA ©”

Don’t leave your neighbors alone in a hot car

A child left in a hot car can die; but some kids call a car home. How do we help them? #hotcar


Why doesn’t LAHSA see the @URM is how the community is stepping up to help homeless children? Or are my donations and volunteer time not a community effort? ♥ read more : By the way: people in need still have the right to choose where they will have those needs filled. No one is forcing themContinue reading “URM vs LAHSA”

3 more homeless children

That @urm will hopefully be able to serve. I’ve known them for 4 years Sonya They are soo sweet, these kids. However, there are days (today is one of them) when I think that if I see another homeless child, I will start screaming until I run out of air. What can I do? DoContinue reading “3 more homeless children”

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