Evacuation is such a priveledge…

Every time there’s a natural disaster I hear people questioned why the residence didn’t leave. If people knew a storm was coming in, why didn’t they go somewhere else? The answer is simple. Evacuation is a privilege. It is a privilege afforded to those who can pay the cost of airfare or gasoline or own […]

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Donating After Disaster

Grab on to that urge to give. Dont let it slip away. Please leave a comment with a place that you know of where people can donate money, food, items, clothing, or their time. These places can be at local disaster sites like Texas and Tennessee during Hurricane Harvey or local nonprofits. The reason you’re […]

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This girl has a wonderful mother. You can see how loved and joyful she feels. I wonder if I can keep her…

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LA city passed an ordinance regulating Pot stores. Can someone tell me the ratio of dispenseries to homeless shelters and services?

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