ACEs and the causes of Homelessness

If you really want to be depressed, read on….. These are the nine major causes of homelessness. The next picture are the 10 areas of adverse childhood experiences with those nine causes of homelessness overlaid into those boxes so you can see how they connect. I’m not telling you to feel sorry for anybody who’sContinue reading “ACEs and the causes of Homelessness”

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

      SOWK 635- Fall 2016 Critical Appraisal of Evidence Report Sonya Keith December 13, 2016 Professor __________   Background of Research Problem Human Trafficking is a crime that is undetected to the average American citizen. Slavery was visible, legal and acceptable when America was first colonized until the Civil War. After the ratification ofContinue reading “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking”

Frat-Boy Rape, is it the same as Real Rape ?

It felt good. I didn’t want to stop. Just the tip. Lay back and let it happen. But I was “hard”. I paid for dinner. You got me excited. I saw you there and couldn’t control myself. It is a compliment that I was so excited. It is just sex, everyone is here because ofContinue reading “Frat-Boy Rape, is it the same as Real Rape ?”

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