Anger Management Locations – County Approved in 2011 – please check status before enrolling

Anger Management in Los Angeles ARCADIA Association of Social & Behavioral Science Consultants 150 N. Santa Anita, Suite 735 (626) 215-9446 English & Chinese BELL Aztian Family Clinic, Inc. 4800 E. Gage Ave. (323) 560-9992 English & Spanish BELLFLOWER Family Service 16704 Clark Ave. (562) 867-1737 English Only Hosanna Christian Fellowship 16523 Bellflower Blvd.Continue reading “Anger Management Locations – County Approved in 2011 – please check status before enrolling”

Tell Me Why You Are Great.

If we are friends : I can answer this for you.  But, do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? This challenge is a combination of my case management technique and a reaction to internet memes asking me to name any accomplishment made by ——(fill in the blank , usually Hillary Clinton)—– in the lastContinue reading “Tell Me Why You Are Great.”


What I want HomelessInLA to accomplish in the next year –   a comprehensive list of all the local shelters and the demographics they serve a user friendly guide to navigating the Public Assistance system (Cash Aid, Medi-Cal, Medi-Care, Social Security, IHSS) A Sample budget for the low income that reflects a savings plan More introductions andContinue reading “GOALS”

the most useful thing you can read

if you are poor in Los Angeles county and need help   General Information • Contact Information Sheet • Apply Online or Review Your Benefits Flyer • Offices by Service Planning Area (SPA & Zip Code) • Domestic Violence Referral Sheet • Domestic Violence Brochure • Toy Loan Program Fact Sheet • Toy LoanContinue reading “the most useful thing you can read”

The History of Social Security is Making Me Mad

#fb“a sieve with holes just big enough for the majority of Negroes to fall through.”-NAACP

PASADENA Homeless Connect Day

#fb Find all the resources available to the homeless – all in one location on one day. Project Homeless Connect is an event that brings service providers and volunteers together with people who need the assistance. I am blatantly copying this from the ServeLA web site because they write so well. “Coming up on OctoberContinue reading “PASADENA Homeless Connect Day”

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…

Unless you don’t have a phone number. Then you need “Community Voice Mail“. It is a nationwide program. ‘How do you get a job without a phone? A place to live? Safety from domestic abuse? You don’t. Access to a telephone is a basic survival tool…and often one we don’t think of. Community Voice MailContinue reading “Don’t call us, we’ll call you…”

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