I added a lil something to Kaiser’s photo

The super handsome guy on the bottom left of the pictures, and green and black, is my kind of sort of cousin. He is an essential employee and works at Kaiser. They made this public service picture. I like to think that I added a little some something that was needed. I refrained from theContinue reading “I added a lil something to Kaiser’s photo”

There is currently no rent freeze or moratorium on rent in California. So if you can’t pay, some action is likely required on your part. Partial payment of rent does not prevent you from being evicted unless you get a written agreement from your landlord or property manager. State and local eviction moratoriums do not prevent rent from beingContinue reading

March 29 Homeless Corona Updates

Breaking from LA City Council A complete ban on all evictions failed by one vote (Screenshot 1 & 2). Bob Blumenfield, Joe Buscaino, John Lee, Mitch O’Farrell, and Monica Rodriguez voted against. Curren Price and Paul Kerokian recused themselves. Temporary ban on evictions is upheld but renters need to prove the eviction was coronavirus relatedContinue reading “March 29 Homeless Corona Updates”

March 27th – Updates to services re COVID-19

Hello, Things are changing fast in the world and we are doing our best to keep up. Please let me know if there are any Homeless Related services or questions you want to be researched and answered. HANG IN THERE! Here are updates for you, March 27th. 211 Always a good first call, and theirContinue reading “March 27th – Updates to services re COVID-19”

Be nice to the DMV

The Department of motor vehicles in California is currently only going by appointments. This means there are no walk-ins. Unfortunately this also means that people are losing their freaking minds at the security guards and employees or stationed outside. Be nice to them. COVID-19 Is a scary beast and by keeping us out they areContinue reading “Be nice to the DMV”

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