Mobile Trailers for the homeless

Lately I’ve been hearing some new and creative ideas to shelter people. FEMA pods, train storage bins… What else can we do? Read more here

Homeless Connect Day

Today at Las Palmas Parks in San Fernando: Homeless Connect Day! The third Thursday of every month is the day that a homeless healthcare fair is held in SPA 2. Today’s the Los Angeles public Library, Los Angeles County Department of mental health, neighborhood legal Services, the Los Angeles public defender’s office and other agenciesContinue reading “Homeless Connect Day”

The Hill went live on FB about Homelessness

can I just say something here. These men were looking so casual while being concerned about something that kills people, is hard to watch. hearing that they think it would not take a lot of money to end homelessness is also troubling. I believe that their heart is in the right place but I’m havingContinue reading “The Hill went live on FB about Homelessness”

Why raising the minimum wage by just $1 would save a lot of people from committing suicide | TheHill

There is science that after making a certain amount of money, money doesn’t increase your happiness or life satisfaction. But, how much money would help keep your will to live alive? .it turns out… Not much. Read more:

Medi-Cal Dental Program (Denti-Cal) – Beneficiaries – Denti-Cal – FAQs

Dental health has impacts on whole body health. Finances should not be a barrier to good oral health and hygeine. Finding a good dentist who accepts Denti-Cal can be difficult. Ask around, and don’t settle for the first dentist that comes up when you do a Google Search. Places like MEND (Meet Each Need withContinue reading “Medi-Cal Dental Program (Denti-Cal) – Beneficiaries – Denti-Cal – FAQs”

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