Doodles and hope

Before work today, Darla and I went in front of her elementary school and drew some pictures. One of my friends called me and asked how we were doing and she was cheerful and afraid. Cannot be afraid for me. I work in this community by choice and yes I am on my third roundContinue reading “Doodles and hope”

Support my effort to end homelessness

bu taking 2020 ” One day at a time”. purchase here:  

Show & Tell

Dear @abc, @Nbc, and other news sites, Do us all a favor and talk about more than the news. Spend 40 seconds and have your anchor people discuss their stress and fear. Let them admit to the camera how frustrating and scary the situation is, or let them brag about how they have it underContinue reading “Show & Tell”

Glenoaks and Paxton homeless encampment moved

This is from City Councilman Monica Rodriguez “Today marks the culmination of a week-long housing and sanitation operation at Paxton and Bradley, more than a year in the making. Some noted that tents did not come down overnight. There was a lot of careful planning that went into ensuring the residents were housed, property managedContinue reading “Glenoaks and Paxton homeless encampment moved”

It is 11pm and I’m at work

The shelter house was doing some kind of haunted plumbing acting n with sludge in the tubs and toilets. I strongly believe everyone deserves a clean place to pee and shower so we went to meet the Root Rooter guy at 8pm. He arrived at 9:15 pm. Dudes, I’m tired. I did 9 hours atContinue reading “It is 11pm and I’m at work”

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