Homeless RADAR

I am yards away from @MRodCD7 Monica Rodriguez’s district office in the Sunland Tujunga area at the Vons grocery store. As I climbed into my car my daughter and I noticed this person settling down for an evening of sleep between the cars. Because I know the area, I’m curious as to why this personContinue reading “Homeless RADAR”

Pots and Pans – giving what I can

When you first moved out on your own, did your folks give you the “hand me down” dishes and pots and pans? These particular pots in the picture have been with my family for about 30 years. I somehow own three full sets of pots and pans, including the brand new Tiffany Blue set thatContinue reading “Pots and Pans – giving what I can”

What I Have to Tell You is Different

I translate Homeless services into Soccer Mom speech. Andy Bales of @URM can tell you about housing homeless folks and running a shelter agency. I am currently running two homeless shelters but his view is more salient than mine. Through him I have discovered officer Joseph, a man who wears a badge and walks theContinue reading “What I Have to Tell You is Different”

Working while Homeless

Shout out to @TheCamp_TC, a California cross fit company in So Cal. Recently one of my clients who is having meless began working at The Camp. This job is helping her earn and save and work herself into permanent housing. I won’t tell you who she is or where she works, but I will tellContinue reading “Working while Homeless”

Kobe and Homeless Advocacy

God bless Vanessa Bryant who lost her highschool sweetheart husband and beautiful daughter. She is beautiful inside and out ❤️ But her husband is the reason I stopped attending the #Homewalk in Los Angeles. Around the time he and Vanessa decided not to divorce, he became the spokesperson for the Homewalk. Violence against women isContinue reading “Kobe and Homeless Advocacy”

Birth of a Homeless Episode

Tonight a house burned. A Dad, and two elementary aged children lost their home and clothes, and memories of his mom. His car was also dismantled by the LAFD. If he doesn’t have Fire insurance, if he can’t afford UBER or transportation, if he can’t afford clothing… If he doesn’t have family or friends toContinue reading “Birth of a Homeless Episode”

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