Immigration raids I’ve been happening and everyone’s concerned.

This is information from one of my neighbors.

“​Just want to share some information that I learned at a staff meeting today. LAPD and Congressman Cardenas office spoke at this meeting regarding immigration relations. Here are the highlights…

  1. LAPD does not get involved in asking for immigration status and doesn’t care. If you have a warrant pending they will take u in if youre an immigrant or not.
  2. Some parents have stopped sending their children to school out of fear.
  3. LAPD is upset because ICE are using uniforms that say POLICE on it. Chief Beck has asked their dept to remove it and they have failed to comply.
  4. In the last 2 months ICE has made about 60 detains just in the San Fernando Valley.
  5. It is true that they have gone to Home Depot to make detains. Usually they are going after someone in particular but whoever is around has a chance to be detained.
  6. Some kids have been put into Foster homes because parents have been deported. They suggest to have paperwork done stating who you leave legal custody to to watch your kids. Some families are having their kids get dual citizenship just in case.
  7. Under Obama there was a 2 tier system when going after immigrants. Tier 1 were the Felony crime offenders and Tier 2 had less charges like a misdemeanor or DUI. Under new administration there is no distinction. They consider a criminal a criminal.
  8. If you have any questions or need guidance on legal representation or saw something thag didnt seem right call Councilman Tony Cardenas office at 818-221-3718 
  9.  If youre illegal and have pending anger management courses or DUI or anything that the court has asked you to do and havent…GO TAKE CARE OF IT before it becomes a warrant so there is no reason to pick you up.
    Hopefully this info will help someone!”_ Fran Fuentes

Poverty is a state of mind… says Ben Carson

His argument is that if you have the right state of mind you can have everything taken away from you and get everything back. I’m sorry been, but not everybody is Job from the Bible. And even their God had to give him everything back because he was destroyed by losing everything.

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There is always room for improvement

So I am away from school and back at work because it is summer time.
It has been months and months since I have worked at my office and there are so much that I have forgotten. There is so much that has changed. Not only are there program changes and computer changes there have been changes in me. And also I’ve been hanging out in the more relaxed atmosphere for the last nine months so I have to relearn how to acclimatize, is that a word?, to a formal structure and hierarchy of power.
Here is where we hope my supervisors are filled with lots and lots of patience. I can remember from my earliest days being pulled into the principal’s office so the supervisor’s office and it always still fills me with that sense of dread, the what did I do now? The is it going to end the world? The cold sweat the flop sweat they’re nervousness.
There’s a growth curve and I are old enough to adapt gracefully but I do not know if I am emotionally skilled enough to.

The Lice Comb 

Next we were picking oranges and ants dropped into her hair.

This lice comb may be my favorite possession in the whole world. I am also so very grateful to be able to take a shower and at end of my personal hygiene needs. I do keep in mind all the people who do not have that luxury.

DPSS Customer Service …

Needs an update. “14545 Lanark Street” has not been the Van Nuys DPSS office for over a year yet thos is the address the automated system gives out.


14545 Lanark St is an abandoned and boarded up building with homeless people living in the underground parking , or thos was true the last time I looked at it.
The correct location is the Zev Yaroslavsky Family Service building just past The Plant on Van Nuys Blvd.

Also, it is super hard to navigate to the point of speaking to a customer service rep. It took me 20 minutes of menu hopping before discovering  the key sequence , and for 10 more minutes I have been on hold.

Mis-information and hidden services are not “effective and caring service”. I am sure the county means to do better.
I also had to keep the call center worker from giving out a worker’s phone number just becaise it was ” too hard” for him to look up a case.

Food Drive Tips

This weekend is the Stamp Out Hunger , letter carriers food drive. 

Here are some tips to make your donations go as far as possible: 

Food Drive tips

It may be awhile before your food is sorted so please donate items that do not need to be refrigerated before being given out.

Breakable items tend to break and squishable items like bread had to get squished so make sure your packaging is sturdy.

You might love sardines and other Specialty Foods, but we don’t know what the people who are receiving the food will like. Common and traditional food are the best donations because they can  be given out to most anyone.

Donating things may make you feel really great and it is a good opportunity to clean out your cabinets of food that you fight but me never eat. With that in mind, please check the expiration dates on your food because we cannot donate food that has already expired.

Spirituality and Mental Health

I am at the Cathederal ofOur Lady of Angels on Temple Street in Los Angeles for a Los Angeles Country DMH mental health conference. 

First, as a happy little Methodist I must say that Catholic churches floor me. I was born in a hospital populated with Carmelite nuns. For years I thought of becoming a nun until I realized that the Methodist church is nun-less. 

Second, talk of ‘moral injury’ is fascinating.  I’ve become accustomed to separating the material from the physical.  After a semester of Theroies of Health and Mental Health, I have managed to blend brain anatomy with research theories. My capacity to hold multiple concepts in my head at once.

I completed my last paper for the semester at 3 this morning and I am so tired, but exhaustion is no excuse to not work on myself and ability to help others, right?  I am sitting here with my favorite Professor, Tamara from USC.