Desperately Seeking a Daughter

It is almost Thanksgiving, a holiday built around family togetherness. but there are many families who will be in complete this year. One in particular, is on my heart. I have spent the last week and a half on the phone with a mom and dad whose adult daughter is homeless in Tarzana and currentlyContinue reading “Desperately Seeking a Daughter”

National single parent day

Easily about 92% of the family’s I saw when I worked in the welfare system were single parent families. Most of those families were led by women and almost none of them received child support. It’s like I could have been my own client. It is only through assistance from families and friends and my ownContinue reading “National single parent day”

The Single Parent – Portrait Based on Census Data

This is for Mr Wight, a man in my acquaintance of mine who wants to know why he often hears of Dear Beat Dads and not “useless Mothers”. the 80:20 ratio explains much. 80% of all single parents are mothers. via The Single Parent – Portrait Based on Census Data.

Follow Jesus or Facebook friends, but Not Yourself

Helplessness is not a skill that will should be learned or perfected. Lead your own life. Ask for help if you need to pick a direction; and then take action. Every day I have to (yes, I have to – it is actually part of my job as well as a compulsion) tell grown peopleContinue reading “Follow Jesus or Facebook friends, but Not Yourself”

7 Steps to Prevent Child Abuse Reporting – Because I HATE It.

Bad Parenting = I will have to report you and that in uncomfortable for everyone.

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